Today’s industrial lubricants are far better

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Why are today’s industrial lubricants better than the conventional ones that are, surprisingly, still being used? That is the subject of this note. It is a green one because like today’s new industrial lubrication solutions, readily available for purchase on the internet, it makes a valuable contribution towards helping manufacturers, craftsmen, artisans, contractors, industrialists, and many more other productive characterizations, to make progressive inroads towards reducing their carbon footprints in their respective work places.

The reasons as to why the fuel is better are far too numerous to mention here. Hence only highlights thereof are being presented to you at this time. Take this comparison for starters. Conventional lubricants still surprisingly in use today, do not carry enough lubricating properties. They are also dirty and pollute highly. Today’s new lubricants, on the other hand, being environmentally safe to use, containing only organic oils, have as much as three hundred times higher lubricating potential than the old conventions.

They are also better able to prevent heat from occurring during tool use. They do this by eliminating friction. The lubricant must go directly to the cutting edge of the tool in order to be effective in use. As a result, there is no quenching. There are also no fume or mist emissions. As a result, no cleaning is required. Almost one hundred percent of the lubricant is already consumed during the cutting process.  No tool parts need to be washed afterwards.

Due to the elimination of chip welding, better surface finishes result. Because tool life is greatly increased due to reduced heat and friction, long term inventory savings are possible. Because of the long term cost savings, it adds further value to the work process being defined as yet another sustainable development.